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Security Alarm Systems – The Rules Have Changed

The Evolution of Security Alarm Systems

The conventional alarm system has ever been installed with the objective of discovering an intruder into a place that they shouldn't be. The first kinds of alarms would sound a horn or bell. These loud audible devices were supposed to alert people in the region to an intruder and the intruder could be pushed away in some instances. Our intrusion detection systems offer a comprehensive approach to commercial security systems Source 1 Solution.

Security Alarm Systems - The Rules Have Changed

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Introducing the Central Station

As technology advanced the safety systems were constructed to send a code into the central channel that would inform them where the alert was taking place so the police could be discharged. The system would use the house phone line to send out these signs. As time progressed the would-be thieves understood that they could cut the telephone line very easily which would enable more time in your dwelling.

Adding Cell Phones to the Mix

The next phase of communication with an alarm to the central channel was introduced following the widespread use of mobile networks. Today's security alarm can send a signal over the mobile networks to the central channel. They get an alert signal and dispatch the police.

Added Features of using a mobile communication

Mobile phones have changed the way people communicate and lots of houses do away with a conventional phone line. Lots of people who have an alarm system want to eliminate their telephone line but they cannot because of the alarm system being attached to it. You can now update your alarm system to mobile and eliminate your old phone line. 

Features and Operating Processes of Integrated Security Systems

Safety systems are an essential component of building security in a high number of places nowadays and are installed with the notion of earning security more manageable and much more comprehensive. Plenty of the times the attributes might seem unnecessary but in case of security breaches that are large, they could be the difference between catching a perpetrator and letting them get free. An easy-to-use tool to monitor manages and maintains every business.

Features and Operating Processes of Integrated Security Systems

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Safety systems' features are dependent upon the technologies in addition to the requirements of the customer. Even most suppliers who are currently working with customers with safety conditions such as prisons might provide the following features to security systems:

– Perimeter intruder detection

– CCTV and Digital Video Recording

– Intruder Alarms

– Panic/Affray Alerts

– Video Content Evaluation

– Building Management Systems

– Electronic Locking

– Mobile Phone

– Fire Alarms

– Intercoms

– Public Address System

– Radio Paging

– Staff Safety Systems

– Guard Tour

These features are designed to be present in large profile buildings and wouldn't be present at the safety systems custom made for buildings. This gives you an idea about how security technologies are and how many features to be able to achieve results, the system must incorporate.

The operating system behind safety systems is referred to as Physical Security Information Management or PSIM. This is the mind that helps operators to make decisions and which controls the safety systems that are integrated.