How visual displays can transform your retail store

Retail is one of the few industries that truly understand the value of good advertising. However, advertising nowadays is about much more than just being seen by potential clients — it’s about making relationships and standing out from the crowd.


The game has altered as the definition of “excellent” advertising has evolved. Basic graphics and static signage are no longer sufficient. Customers increasingly want vibrant colours, personalised content, and dynamic environments. All of this is possible with digital advertising displays for your company.


Real-time advertising on a digital display

The most significant advantage of digital display displays is the ease with which advertisements may be updated.

When you go digital, you can adjust your advertising at any moment and see the results right away. This implies that if you run out of product or wish to change your prices, you can amend your advertising with just a few clicks.

You may also be able to interface with relevant data sources – such as weather reports – and adjust your advertising to the current conditions, depending on the signage software you employ.


Improve your store’s long-term viability

Print materials, leflets, flyers and magazines often end up being tossed out with the trash. What a waste of paper. This approach to advertising is highly wasteful outdated. As campaigns and messaging change over time, so must your design. This means you’ll need to create a new set of materials every time you change your offering, adjust your rates, or launch a new campaign. Reprinting on a regular basis not only consumes more critical raw resources, but it also costs a lot of money and is often less effective than digital campaigns which can utilise movement to make them more memorable and impactful.


Streamline campaign administration.

Coordinating a print-based campaign across many locations, as any merchant with more than one store will tell you, is a lot of work. When you employ digital advertising displays, however, you can manage everything from a single location.


It’s as simple as finalising the content and scheduling it to go live on all of the required screens to coordinate the rollout of a new campaign. You can also organise the release of location-specific content without adding to the local team’s workload.


Bring your message to life

Your marketing content is only limited by your ideas when using a digital advertising display. Whether you use video to highlight your product’s top qualities or an animation to tell your brand’s storey, moving imagery elicits a greater emotional response and is easier to remember for your customers. It also gives you more chances to differentiate your store and sell your unique selling proposition.


Boosts sales conversion, and message retention.

Most importantly, it has been proven that digital advertising displays attract more customers, enhance the possibility of a purchase, and encourage repeat business.

You can respond to customer input and create a visually dynamic place by being able to adjust your advertising quickly and easily. It can also assist you in providing a unique and personalised point of sale experience, allowing you to effectively upsell and increase loyalty programme engagement.


Revamp your retail store

Digital advertising screens could be the answer to increasing brand awareness, improving consumer conversion, or just making your store more sustainable. AVC Immedia is an international producer of high-quality digital signs and content management systems, specialises in delivering tailored digital advertising solutions to a wide range of businesses.

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