Large Format Printer Solutions for All Your Business Needs

A wide format printer is the best way to print banners and other printed materials that are larger for your business. Whether you want to make posters, large advertisements or just print current material at a greater rate, wide format printer is the way to go and a great investment.

Many businesses regularly use wide format printers, whether they print these wide items as their business, or just to market their business. If you use these types of printers, there are plenty of wide-format printer supplies that you might need for your printer to run well.

Here's what you need to know about wide format printer ink and where to buy it:

What is wide format printer ink?

In short, this type of ink is specially formulated and packaged for the needs of large format printers. Businesses that use this type of printer will often use it to print banners, posters, artwork, decals, and more. What type of large format printer ink you need will ultimately depend on what you will be using the printed item.

Some types of ink are better for indoor use, while some types of ink are better for outdoor use. The spirit of color, durability, and suitable printing materials all need to be considered to ensure you buy the right type of ink.

Aqueous ink is a dye or pigment ink that has been dissolved in water. This type of ink is usually less toxic than other types of ink, but they are not waterproof, making it not a very good choice for printed materials that will be outside. They can be smeared even after they are dried if they find water. They also tend to fade when exposed to light.

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