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Rattan Furniture Natural Beauty And Simplicity

Your home is a personal space you cherish. It is also a haven with the peace and purity you yearn for. Therefore, how you choose to decorate your home is an important question that everyone has to face. Furniture plays a primary role in the way you lay out your home.

Natural rattan is full of the beauty of nature. Rattan furniture reflects our concept of “the beautiful life”. With fresh rattan, your home will be bursting with natural appeal.

Ever since it was first woven into the form of furniture, rattan has been the first choice of those who desire nobility and elegance. Sales of rattan furniture have been gradually increasing over recent years.

What makes it such an important part of the furniture market? Above all, natural rattan brings peace and harmony bestowed by nature to your home. You can browse http://ncoutdoorthai.com/product-category/diningset/ to get more info on rattan furniture.

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Natural rattan brings life back into the living room. It is beneficial for your physical and mental health and good for the environment as well.

These unique properties mean that it is recommended by a number of specialists and designers. With rattan, excellent quality doesn’t necessarily mean a high price. It is not only for the rich and powerful. For those who know the value of quality in life, rattan furniture is readily available.

Rattan can last much longer than fabric and leather furniture. Usually, rattan furniture can be used for 15 to 25 years, while fabric furniture lasts only 2 to 3 years and leather furniture 5 to 7 years.

In fact, if you make an effort to maintain it, rattan furniture can last over 50 years. In addition, although there are 24 to 25 procedures involved in making rattan furniture, you only have to wait about 26 days after making an order for a custom piece for delivery.

The rattan in your furniture is imported from Indonesia, and it is painted with a hi-tech water based paint. The paint keeps the rattan furniture safe from pests and going moldy.

How long rattan furniture lasts depends on maintenance. Customers can follow these tips to keep their furniture in top condition. First of all, keep rattan furniture out of direct sunlight. Semitransparent chiffon curtains will do the job.