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Get the Personalized Polo Shirts

There are some clothes that can be found in every wardrobe. And we don’t mean that old shirts and jeans are a mess, even from a business suit without a face. We are talking about polo shirts – these attractive and polyfunctional clothes today are standard clothes.

Look at the employees of most retail companies which are selling custom polo shirts with logo and tagline has become an inevitable part of most corporate uniforms. And that would be a wise choice to encourage your own employees to wear personalized polo shirts in the same circumstances as well.

A good polo shirt is also highly valued by those who work in open gardens, gardeners, maintenance workers; the style is very suitable for this kind of work. Not to mention what is imposed by your employees whose jobs bring them out, it makes a very decent ad for your company.

Copy of Custom Sublimation Polo

If your business is connected to the technology industry, you already understand how complicated the relationship with your polo-shirt industry is – because the fact is that custom printed polo t-shirts have become official clothing for technicians everywhere for at least two decades.

With the variety of polo-shirts available, you can choose the polo model that best fits the situation in your mind – they are available in all kinds of colors, sizes, and designs. The most popular models are men’s casual clothing with side slits at the ends and two button placket and female models with ordinary hand hoods and usually two or three button placket.

Designed for fashion and comfort, polo shirts are equally perfect for casual activities and work. Create personalized polo shirts one more brick on the foundation of your success.

Screen Printing Shirts are Popular Among Individuals

Screen printing shirts are very popular for those who want to commemorate certain events such as graduations or reunions, also for those who want to make political or fashion statements.

Shirts come in various colors and designs and may mention the name of the concert, company, sports team, restaurant, supermarket, construction, children's camp, fitness center, church, or school event. Printed shirts are almost everywhere if you start looking for them. You can also purchase printed t shirt online at very reasonable prices.

Although it may seem that screen printing is a modern invention, this idea is not true. This type of service was first developed in China around 1000 AD. The printing method spread to Japan and other Asian countries.

Samuel Simon patented the screen printing process in 1907. At that time, it was used to make designs on wallpaper, linen, silk, and other good quality fabrics.

Originally used only for industrial technology reasons, this type of printing became popular among the general public after artists began using techniques in the 20th century. Artist Andy Warhol makes this technique very popular with his artwork Marilyn Monroe.

The screen is made of a finely woven fabric called mesh. This material is stretched over a wooden frame. The screen area is blocked to form a stencil of the image to be printed. The screen is placed on material such as paper and ink placed on the screen and pressed to dye the fabric in a certain pattern. At present, the most commonly used method for pressing dyes on cloth, especially when printing clothes, is the rotary method.