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Importance of Visual Art

Visual arts define anything that your eyes can see and recognize. Visual art is mostly two-dimensional or flat.

Visual art is an art form which includes Painting, ceramics, drawing, sculpture, photography, design, video, craft, printmaking, architecture and filmmaking.

 As visual arts are two-dimensional, visuals stay in one place and do not do any movement while we observe them. Basically, you visualize the still or stationary object and make painting, drawing and other art forms of it.

There are many online workshops or summer camp that teaches and enhances visual art skills. Visual art programme enhances kid’s confidence, visualizing skills and knowledge. It provides activities which develop social skills, learning skills and creativity. Browse http://philippines.globalart.world/programmes/#visual-art to know more about visual art programmes.

A visual art artist works as if they are communicating with the viewer but they are only expressing.  Visual art is all about how we perceive the world and express it in the art form.

Some Visual Art:

  • Drawing and painting which is in the 2D medium.
  • Weaving and carving which is in the 3D medium.
  • Electronic art that is in the light and digital medium

One can explore visualizing skills by studying Sketching, drawing, composition and shading techniques. Visual art is a life itself