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The Risk of Asbestos and Cancer


A mixture of minerals consisting of fiber like bundle appearance during its natural form is called as asbestos. Rocks and soils are the 2 main places where asbestos is usually found. Formation of asbestos takes place due to the presence of 2 main elements; silicon and oxygen along with a few other elements. Asbestos come in 2 main types.

1. Chrysotile – Also known as white asbestos, Chrysotile is the most common type. Along with white asbestos, chrysotile is also known as serpentine and curly asbestos. This is because of wrapping or spiral appearance when observed under the microscope.

2. Amphibole –The amphibole asbestos has a needle shape appearance since it comes in a straight line.

The relation between asbestos and cancer-

A person is exposed to asbestos only when it enters the body in ways.

a. Swallow – Asbestos is capable of contaminating the food and liquid we consume. This is one of the ways asbestos is capable of entering the body.

b. Inhale – Asbestos is a very fragile element which can be crumbled very easily and then get mixed with the atmosphere. People who work in the mining industry along with processing, insulation installation, manufacturing products that contain asbestos are bound to get exposed to asbestos easily.

An individual getting exposed to asbestos at the early stage is hard to detect the presence of asbestos inside the system. It is only after a few years down the line, the individual starts with symptoms like chest pains, breathing difficulty etc.

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