Guide to Supermarkets in Fiji


There are many supermarkets in Fiji that give you the option to buy local things. From small size to large ones, these are some of the supermarkets you can visit during your time in Fiji.

  • RB Patel – There are around 10 stores throughout Fiji of RB Patel. It is a department store that sells items such as plastics, drapery, kitchenware, porcelain and electrical appliances. Try to visit this store because you never know you may require some handy items during your time in Fiji.
  • New World IGA – The first New World IGA store started in the year 1933. Initially, it was a small shop which later grew into a premium store. This store today has a wide selection of local and international items to sell. Another IGA store is now open in the city of Suva that closes at 9pm prior to other stores that close early.
  • Shop-n-Save – This is a supermarket that has its very own app. With free to download, it helps users to check prices and deals on various products online via their phone.
  • Morris Hedstrom – The Morris Hedstrom is about 150 years old store. Today, the Morris Hedstrom is available in 15 different locations in Fiji. Similar to Shop n Save, they also provide online shopping experience. The best part is that the purchased items are delivered at homes.

All the stores can be accessed easily from Fijis private island resorts.

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