Why VoIP is Preferred now days?

So, Why VoIP is becoming so famous? Can you imagine by using a small device you cam communicate with your overseas and far away friends, relatives and business partners without worrying about the cost.  You can talk as long as you want. Yes, everyone wants that kind of device. VoIP is a solution.

VoIP or IP telephony or Voice over Internet protocol (also called Voice over IP or IP phones) is a group of technologies and methodology for sending multimedia and voice communication over the internet.

It basically converts the analog signal into a digital signal so that the voice can be transferred over the internet which is cheaper than PSTN. Its aim is to transmit telephone calls over the IP network such as internet instead of using Public switched telephone network.

 There are many benefits of using VoIP broadband for phone calls. VoIP is a boon for businesses as it has reduced the cost of monthly phone calls. Overseas Business partners, Stallholders’, and Customers can easily interact and communicate with each other. There are number of ways of VoIP technology. It depends from where and how you make phone calls. The way you make calls varies with which VoIP service you use and to know more about Telephone service providers Ontario, visit http://biz.callture.com 


VoIP aim is to advance unified communications services that can systematically handle all communications including, fax, voicemail, e-mail, phone call, call conferencing, and so on.

 The distinct unites can easily be delivered through any medium to any receiver. There are two different packages, in which first one can focus on business VoIP for medium to large enterprises, and the second package is focus on business VoIP for small to medium to large business organizations.

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