What Mold Remediation Equipment Do You Need to Restore Your Property Properly?

Mold remediation isn't something that should be done by you, especially not if you're just trying to save money. Most homeowner's insurance will cover mold remediation, so it shouldn't cost you much of anything out of pocket if you bill your insurance policy.

Even though this is true, some people still insist on doing some things themselves without the help of professionals like http://www.damagecontrol-911.com/. But, we're here to warn you: mold remediation done by yourself is not only dangerous, but doing it properly isn't cheap because the equipment needed to do it correctly isn't cheap. 

The first thing that you need to understand is that the area of your home that you're trying to renovate should be sealed off from the rest of the house to avoid contaminating it. This includes sealing off any air ducts that connect the room to the rest of the house. 

Next, forget about trying to just use topical cleaners to do this job. Not even bleach is going to do it when you're dealing with porous surfaces such as drywall. All of these materials, insulation included, will have to be removed and properly disposed of. You can't re-use drywall that has been contaminated with mold; it has to be destroyed or you'll recontaminate your house. All porous surfaces contaminated with mold must be replaced. You'll want to get a dumpster brought to your house to put all of the debris in. 

Then you're looking at having to buy protective equipment for yourself. An N-95 respirator is recommended for light jobs and for more extensive renovation projects, you're looking at a full face respirator with a HEPA filter attached to it. These aren't cheap and can be anywhere from $100 and up. You'll also want to wear protective clothing so the spores can't come into contact with your skin. 

You'll also want a box fan that you're willing to throw away when you're done. This is used to ventilate the area you're working in, but you have to throw it away when you're done because the mold spores that will get on it are nearly impossible to completely remove. 

Some would tell you that hiring a professional isn't worth the effort because you can do it yourself, but the health consequences of mold exposure can be extremely serious if the job isn't finished or is just done incorrectly. There is a reason that mold remediation professionals must be licensed by the state in which they operate; the job is dangerous and requires expertise that the average person simply doesn't have.

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