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Spiritual Warfare- War against Satan and Demonic Attacks

Spiritual warfare is an awareness of a satanically aided thought (bondage or stronghold) in one's mind and coming against it by the power of the Word (Christ's name) or the word in Scripture. The three areas of spiritual conflict are: (1) the church, (2) the heavenly realm and (3) the mind.

The heavenly realm is the unseen spirit realm that shadows the real world. It is the spiritual ambiance that surrounds us–it contains the "powers and principalities" which St. Paul warns us of in Ephesians. You can find christian prayer book at https://www.bridemovement.com/product/prayers-shake-heaven-earth-paperback/.

God made it clear to Adam the results of disobedience are passing.  Disobedience is really a sin, and sin always contributes to departure.  After God placed Adam in the garden to see it over He gave Adam guidelines and also a very clear warning he could eat from some one of those trees from the garden with the exception of the tree of the knowledge of good and bad.  

Once Eve ate from the tree, then she subsequently presented the fresh fruit into her husband Adam to consume also.  After Adam and Eve ate the fruit spiritual link with God immediately expired.  Their soul individual expired they became more aware of this flesh and so they hid in God. The exact task which happened from the Garden would be the exact same task that's going on now. 

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We've come to be very aware and consumed with all the flesh and also our bodies which individuals provide no focus on our soul.  It's when we reconnect with your soul man which we'll reconnect with God.  If we worship God and join to God we could simply accomplish this through our soul.  We'll not ever have the ability to get in touch to your Lord during our heads. 

As soon as we start to walk into the Spirit, then we won't return into your flesh.  Our flesh struggles from the Spirit of God, and the Spirit contrary to our flesh.  There's constant warfare which continues daily in all our flesh and the Spirit as they have been against each other.  This warfare induces us to accomplish things we realize we must do.  Until our souls have been afforded and filed into the Spirit of god Christ we'll drop the struggle and also our flesh will soon triumph each moment.

As soldiers for Christ, we are instructed to put on the armor of God. This armor of God is a supernatural set of weaponry that comes from unbroken fellowship with Him. Just as we draw our life source and our spiritual power from God, this spiritual armor must also come from our Lord. When you cease to walk in fellowship with the Lord, you are choosing to step away from the source from which this armor comes and you are left open for demonic attack.


Spiritual Warfare – Everything you should know

Every Christian should become acquainted with the principles of spiritual warfare. The bible reveals we are in the midst of a great spiritual war. It is an invisible supernatural war that rages in the dimension of the spirit world, between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light. No matter what you faced today, talking to God through goodnight prayers will renew your faith. Evening prayer also helps you see all the good things.

This is not a new war; this war has existed for unknown eons of time. It is a war where fallen angels and demon spirits (the enemies of God) have become the rulers of the darkness of this world (age).

Satan, the prince and god of this planet could be your antagonist and also instigator with the ancient battle.  Along with all his army of angels and demon souls, his objective is to reevaluate the eternal plan and intentions of God in heaven and Earth. Whether we realize it or maybe not an hidden but bad enemy is about us.  Whether we wake or sleep that this spiritual warfare always rages on.

Though nearly all of people are oblivious, unwitting, and reluctant participants, this warfare rolls the regular lives of each individual in the world.  There are no neutral parties in this warfare; there are not any exceptions; no one else is exempt. Satan hates humanity.  But, none are far despised by Satan than people that find themselves the servants of God, and of The Son, Jesus Christ.  But for anyone servants who usually do not appreciate why spiritual war, neither just how to fight it, it’s a war using true to life changing impacts.

Though we can’t observe this war with all our natural eyes perceive it using all our perceptions, the outcomes of the war are far more tangible and much more catastrophic than any organic war in the world.  1 thing is sure: It’s a lethal fight to the conclusion and there might not be any treaty of peace.

The sad reality is most believers don’t know spiritual warfare and how to fight it.  Getting ignorant of Satan’s apparatus  lots of believers are frequently cruelly victimized and shot captive by him in his will probably .You view, spiritual war is greater than simply admitting the spiritual battle involving the armies of God along with the armies of Satan.

However, understanding this reality alone is not enough. The believer must first understand that there is a strategic basis from which all spiritual warfare must be prosecuted. That is:

Spiritual warfare must begin with the believer’s personal submission and obedience to Christ, and to His will and purposes in the believer’s life.