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Understanding Solar Water Heating Systems

The solar water heating system (SWH) is also known as the solar thermal system. They are a good alternative to go while thinking about green energy from the sun.

Here are some important facts about SWH that will introduce you to solar energy and trigger some reflections about your investment in green energy.

SWH is defined as a mechanism that converts solar energy into heating water. As discussed above, this technology is also known as solar heat. It consists of a collector who attracts sunlight and turns it into a heating solution available for households.

There are various types of SWH systems, but the most common include:

Residential hot water system

Solar Pumps for Swimming Pools

Space heating system

Combo system

Although both SWH and solar panels mechanisms depend on solar energy, solar heat collectors and panels (photovoltaics, solar PV) are used for different purposes. While solar PV utilizes electricity from solar energy, the SWH system converts sunlight into heat energy.

As a result, you cannot use solar heat for lighting purposes; but must use this technology for water heating or space heating.

Therefore, if you need a green heating and electricity solution, you must invest in solar panels and solar thermal systems. Is the source green and silent and will pay back after several years since electricity or heat generated is free after installation of the system.