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7 Reasons you must Visit Thailand atleast Once


Below are the reasons for which you should visit Thailand atleast once:

  • Awesome beaches

Pristine waters and tropical beaches, yeah, we have some great beaches here in Australia too BUT can you sip cocktails on the beach? You can choose from quiet, laid-back beaches for a relaxing holiday or party all night at a full moon beach party.

  • The Cuisine

Super flavoursome curries, salads and sea-food. It’s delicious and cheap. Think beyond the curries and explore the noodles, salads and snacks. Try out the papaya salad, it is a burst of flavours!

  • The Beach Parties

Party the night away under the starts while sipping Vodka from buckets.Thailand has a great night life scene and not just beach parties, but their nightclubs are worth a visit too.

  • Super affordable food and stay

The dollar will take you a long way in Thailand. You will get a lot more for your dollar than what you would get back home. The backpacking scene in Thailand is epic and there are plenty of affordable hostels to choose from.

  • Shopping

Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise, from designer boutiques to great bargains. Street shopping in Thailand has some great styles and greater bargains. You will find everything from shoes, clothes to art deco.

  • The Buddhist Temples

Thailand has over 40,000 Buddhist temples. The architecture is beautiful and the surroundings peaceful.

  • Markets

Night markets, street markets, food markets et all. Explore the different delicacies, vintage items or antiques.

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