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Information about Real Estate

Real Estate defines the land, buildings, houses, and property, just below and above the land. Types of real estates termed as a Residential real estate, Commercial real estate, Land real estate, Industrial real estate.

  • Residential real estate: It consists of duplexes, triple-deckers, townhouses, quad lexes, and vacation homes.
  • Commercial real estate: It consists of educational buildings, medical buildings, shopping centers, and office buildings.
  • Land real estate: It consists of industrial buildings used for production, research, and storage of goods.
  • Industrial real estate: It consists of undeveloped land.


The real estate broker puts the residential and commercial property for sale and houses on rent in the most desirable areas.

The Residential real estate comprises of a single family or multifamily structure. Residential real estates are categorized as Apartment, Condominium, Multi-family house, terraced house, Cooperative, Portable dwellings, Semi-detached dwellings, detached dwellings.

There are some websites available online to help people selling or looking for a property. Helping you to gather information, collect data about the pricing comparisons according to your property search. To know more about the real estate you can visit http://madauae.me/.

There are five important types of ownership of land named as a life estate, fee simple, leasehold, fee tail, allodial title.