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An Overview of Micro-Blading

Micro blading is a relatively new beauty treatment that was designed to accomplish a few goals. The main aim was to fill in thin eyebrows to make them look thicker and fuller since the design had shifted from thin to heavy eyebrows.

An issue with following beauty trends sometimes is the hair removal techniques that let you maintain vogue a couple of years back with thin eyebrows does not allow the hair to grow back full when thicker eyebrows become the trend.

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This is why so many people interested in fashion and beauty started looking for alternatives to thicken their eyebrows during the past couple of years. Instagram and other social networking spaces have generated the trend of thick and sharply manicured eyebrows that are somewhat darker than your hair color.

This wasn't able to be accomplished by many who had followed the thin eyebrow trend previously, as their own hair simply didn't grow back. These individuals were forced to rely on forehead pencils and drawing their eyebrows in to create a dark look and a silhouette.

The process of drawing your eyebrows daily adds a great deal of time to your makeup routine. The eyebrows must be mapped out and the place filled in, and this is not quite as simple as it sounds.

Many women complained about having to redo this numerous times before it seemed right each morning, which they simply did not have enough time.