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Body Positive Shopping Tips for Buying a Swimsuit


We’ve probably heard this one over a million times already and when we are going to say it, we are sure you’ll shudder. However, we would still like to try our luck and say that you should always ‘buy for your shape’.

This isn’t just for swimwear shopping, this advice is particular is associated with all sorts of clothing items. So here are some body-positive shopping tips that will help you buy a new swimsuit:

  • Be realistic

Let’s be real for a moment, there are a lot of things that we actually think look cut but those aren’t practical. A bandeau top will look good and prevent you from tanning but if you hit the pool a couple of times, you’ll surely be flashing a lot of people.

  • Know your body

Sure you’re free to wear whatever you want to, but there are certain things that look more flattering on curvy bodies than skinny. So it is better that you know your body type and choose styles accordingly. Wear something your body feels comfortable in.

  • Don’t be scared of trying the unconventional things

You aren’t into neon colors or string bikinis? So what? Don’t be afraid, just go ahead and try it out. You never know what you might end up liking. Be confident in your skin and embrace it.

  • Enjoy

Yes that is our last tip. We want you to enjoy at the beach feeling yourself. Go for it and don’t hold back.

To find good swimwear Australia wide we would suggest that you visit your favorite swimsuit brand’s online store.