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Hurricane Preparedness for Pet Owners

As Hurricane season approaches it's important for pet owners to have a strategy about what they will do with their animals. Most hurricane shelters will not accept animals. Some pet owners are going to opt to remain in their houses with their own animals.

Following the catastrophe of Hurricane, Katrina individuals ought to know about the hazards of being captured in their houses without the correct shelter and supplies. If you produce a strategy early there's absolutely no reason you ought to need to remain in your house to look after your pet.

Attempt to locate a relative that's further inland who'd be inclined to guard your pet in a storm. You also need to see whether there's an animal refuge near your home that is ready to take in animals. Make arrangements early in the hurricane season as a storm approaches that these lands will fill up fast. Find out everything That You want to know about storm shelters.

In case you've discovered a shelter which will make it possible for you to bring your animals with you make sure to have these items with you wherever you go.

  • Food (Enough for two weeks)
  • Drugs
  •  Plastic bags for waste elimination
  • Can opener (manual) for canned meals
  • Familiar toys and items
  • Blankets or towels for heat

Be certain that you have a bag to go anywhere you've opted to guard your pets. Be certain that you allow sufficient time to receive your pets to the shelter of your selection and also to secure you & your loved ones to your own shelter.