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Holistic Medication – New Age Alternate Therapy

Holistic healing means taking a holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances and choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle. Holistic healing is aimed at all parts of the individual, not just the physical aspects of a person where the manifestations of the disease are most visible. It is true that our pain and other physical discomforts demand our attention.

It's hard to ignore when we are physically hurt. Common sense tells us that we must seek help to alleviate our discomfort. We can go for traditional medical care, or natural medicine, alternative medicine or holistic medicine. There are several alternative healing treatments available online. We can also get holistic sleep medicine and treatment for sleep disorders via  www.intrabalance.com/services

Not all of these will affect the same way, in the same time period or have the same impact. Physical illness is a symptom of a greater imbalance that may or may not have a physical root cause. Our discomfort or pain is just a symptom of an imbalance.

Imbalances can be a physical problem, a result of abusing the physical body through an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, or too little sleep. Or, the imbalance may be the result of unmet mental, emotional, or spiritual needs. No aspect (mind, body, spirit, or emotion) of a person is ignored when holistic care is sought.

Clinical holistic medicine actually originated from the time of Hippocrates. A holistic approach to patient care was also suggested by Percival in his book – the first medical ethics textbook – first published in 1803. Percival states: "Patients' feelings and emotions need to be known and cared for, not less than the symptoms of their illness.