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Strategies for Facebook Marketing

There are more than 800 million people who use Facebook. Today, Facebook is more than a way to connect with friends and relatives. This is an important tool for online business owners.

The first step for Facebook marketing is creating a brand page for your business. Make sure your ‘wall’ only includes the right information and being respectful when replying to or commenting on other people’s posts. Remember that whatever you post and send to cyberspace, it can stay there forever.

Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are sponsored stories that appear in the news feeds of all your fans and can also be seen by their friends. It is seen by more people than ordinary posts, so make sure that when you choose to promote posts, it has a strong and interesting message. You can also use Facebook group posting software to automate your posts.

Facebook ads

The good thing with Facebook advertising is that you can customize your ads so they appear in certain groups or segments. This is based on information contained in their profile or based on gender, location, or personal preference.

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There are two main types of display ads on Facebook.

‘Impression-based’ Facebook ads are where your ad is counted as an impression each time it is displayed on a user’s screen. This method of advertising on Facebook is usually used by companies that run many different ad combinations.

Facebook application

There are many Facebook marketing tools and you can have up to twelve applications on your branded page. The first four applications are displayed by default; the first is a photo application. It is important to optimize applications that you install and move them regularly with new offers or promotions.

Have a Facebook ‘Like Box’ on your Website

One of the simplest Facebook marketing strategies to generate traffic to your Facebook page is to display it on your website or blog. “Love Box” will make it easier for visitors to ‘like’ your page without having to leave your website.

Use More Images

Photos on Facebook can produce more than 50% more likes than the average post. Use images, quotes, statistics, or anything that you think will attract the attention of your target audience. Remember that most of your posts must include images.