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A Brief Intro to Modern Abstract Art

Modern abstract art holds a particular spot in the hearts and minds of several men and women. To the uninitiated, it seems like any second grader can do exactly what, in actuality, just a true artist could master.

An abstraction is something which isn’t supposed to be a specific representative of fact. It’s not a thorough depiction. It’s, instead, a disassociation of types. It can be tricky to tease out meaning from the metaphysical. It’s sometimes inadequate or even impartial.

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It may be cold and detached. On the other hand, contemporary abstract art may also be rather warm and private, distinctively and profoundly emotionally pleasing. It may bind us into a better comprehension of which we are, what our lives mean, and where we fit in the larger picture.

It’s the most abstraction which permits the head to fill in the blanks, to find meaning where none is meant. It’s just when the audience slows down enough to truly consider the effects of the abstraction that significance starts to emerge.

I’ve often thought how humorous the stereotypical gallery attendee is depicted. Black turtle neck sweaters for your men, little black dresses for the women, sunglasses on inside, a posh necklace with bangs swept throughout the forehead, that far off contemplative appearance inside their expressions, the presumption of significance and penetration.