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The Basic Things You Need to Know Before Buying Thai Property

Do you want to buy a villa or condo in Thailand but don't know how it could be done. Don't worry you are landed in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss the basic things that you need to know when you buy Thai property in Bangkok.

  • Select a real estate agent for your property

It is very crucial to hire the right buyer agent for your property that will make your experience a pleasant one. The agent knows how to communicate in Thai and is familiar with the demographics as well. Hence they could be your perfect guide in buying property.

  • Legal Planning

Remember you are not the resident of Thailand; hence you should hire an attorney that will guide you on how to buy this property in legal terms. Before signing the deposits or contracts you should sit down with your lawyer and discuss each and every document very carefully.

Title Investigation

  • Title Investigation

It is a very crucial and essential step that your attorney must do for you. A comprehensive examination of title deed recorded at the Land Department should be done so as to verify the seller.

  • Review Contracts

The seller has the contracts prepared for you.  Your lawyer helps you to review it on your behalf so that they could say all things are under your best interests.

Your payment should be reasonable and practical. Normally the first payment is 25%; thereafter payments are made on a progressive basis.  It is the best practice to hire a lawyer whenever you buy a property in aboard so that they can help you out legally.