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How to Clean Up Pest Bird Droppings!

Every year pest birds such as pigeons, seagulls, and crows cause tens of thousands in damage and clean up costs to building owners, owners, and government agencies. Pest bird droppings can carry over 60 transmittable diseases.

If a high-powered water hose is used to strip off dried bird droppings remover, dust control measures like comprising the area with plastic sheeting should be obtained. Wetting down the workplace will avoid inhalation, reduce the chance of disease and will also stop the spread of dust beyond the work area.

How to Clean Up Pest Bird Droppings!

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Several of these diseases are known to be transmitted to humans and other creatures. Despite the fact that these diseases pose minor public health dangers, they may be further minimized if security measures are taken.

Wearing protective garments such as disposable coveralls, gloves, boots, and respirators should be used for protection.

People who have a compromised immune system such as people living with HIV/AIDS or cancer patients shouldn't be directly involved in the elimination of the droppings.

Several alternatives to using a high-powered water hose exist. One such option includes soaking the droppings with water and then shoveling it. Workers shouldn't wash DRY bird droppings from surfaces because the dust may be inhaled and transmit the disease to the employee.

The wet material ought to be collected in heavy duty plastic bags or a different sort of container and discarded with the regular trash.

After the structures are cleaned they might also be disinfected. You may use a very simple solution of bleach or ammonia and water and apply to the surface to disinfect and eliminate the odor associated with pest bird droppings.