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Lighthouse Fish Market Seafood Grill in NY

Lighthouse Fish Market Seafood Grill Is a Famous Fish restaurant down by the waterfront of NY, Delaware. It’s strategically situated next to a huge market and the Delaware Theater Company theater, which conducts regular shows and always will attract huge crowds. The region is relatively fine, but being by the water adds a wonderful element to its place.

Welcome To Lighthouse Fish Market, as you’d guess, primarily functions all seafood items. Pretty much anything you might want to be associated with fish or the sea, you can order there. As you walk into the restaurant, you observe an excellent display of lobsters on the ice, staring you in the face.

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It certainly gets your stomach growling as you imagine eating your meal. There’s a huge dining area off the to the right and a large bar area with a lot more tables to the left.

The staff is quite friendly, starting from the wonderful hostess to the attentive and helpful waiters and waitresses. The menu is extensive, offering several kinds of fish, shellfish and other sorts of seafood-related items.

Everything is prepared from fresh ingredients and it is convenient that the restaurant is situated right near the water. For men and women that don’t like fish, you will find food items on the menu which aren’t fish-focused like the hamburger, which is surprisingly great.

If you happen to be down by the waterfront in NY and need somewhere to eat, you should certainly check out Lighthouse Fish Market. It’s a fantastic option with affordable rates and superior food.