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Slendertone Review: A Great Way To Workout

I recently tried the Slendertone and I wanted to let other people know what a great way it is to work out so I am writing a Slendertone review to share my experience. I was one of those people who carried weight around my abdomen. I was not overweight at all.

I worked out regularly, about five times a week. I ate healthy foods and shunned empty calories but I still could not get the abs that I wanted to have and always felt like my stomach was just not trim. I read about the Slendertone and what a great way it is to add to your existing diet and workout regimen, so I decided to give it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of use that this device offered. It really was just like the ads said. I just slip the belt on for a half hour every day and it works its magic by supplying an electrical impulse to my abdominal muscles which forces them to contract about one hundred and fifty times per session.

I could not believe how well and how quickly it worked, so I wanted to pass the word along that this is not a gimmick but a great way to whip those abs into shape.