Solid Or Engineered Oak Flooring – Which To Choose?

Engineered oak floors are superior to solid oak wood floors, because of this stability. The quality engineering board will consist of around 10 layers of multi-laminated birch plywood.

These layers are trapped in the opposite direction with moist resistant adhesives and this gives a very large floor of stability. Apart from this, if you would like to know more about the ‘Glass Raised Access Floor’ (Also known as ‘พื้นยกแก้ว’ in the Thai language), there are many online resources.

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However, if you use quality engineered wood floors, you can even boil a piece of our floor for 30 minutes and the board still won’t laminate. 15mm plywood below the core is what gives the floor strength and stability.

Oak is a natural product and when used for floors, the width of the board can change in size. This can cause a gap between the board or the floor to curve and this movement is most often caused by changes in humidity in the environment.

Because of the stability of the engineered quality oak floors, it is not too vulnerable to this movement. This stability is also becoming increasingly important today due to the fact that more and more properties are installed under the floor heating system, which of course causes frequent changes in humidity.

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