Promotional Mugs Are One of the Best Selling Business Gifts

Why promotional coasters are among the best-selling business gifts! The gap between earthenware, porcelain and bone china clarified.

Look at anybody’s desk anywhere on the planet and combined with a mouse, mouse pad and mouse you will notice a cup or a cup.

They’re used by every person to drink coffee or tea or as pencil pots, you can buy the porcelain mugs at following source:

In-Q Online e-Shop

They’re a terrific way to keep you company’s logo or message in front of your clients. They’re also a welcome complimentary present.

Tin Box with 4 Coffee Cups Black & White

Your employees will love them also, particularly if they’re in your home colors or describing your most recent staff marketing.

Actual porcelain mugs are produced from kaolin clay and fired at temperatures as high as 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit. It makes for a very white ceramic mug or cup.

Years past ceramic was known as ‘china’ or ‘fine china’ since the procedure has been invented in China. For almost 200 decades, in Europe, we attempted to replicate this type of ceramic before creating a reasonable fake. Since ceramic was so infrequent it was very valuable for Europeans.

The connotation of significance and exclusivity has clung to ceramic cups until the present moment. The expression ceramic is often used broadly as a sign of high-quality ceramics mugs.

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