Popular Types Of Printed Lanyards For Your Business

Custom lanyard printing has been around for decades and they are the best way for businesses to promote their company brands and increase awareness to a broad audience.

Three types of top printed lanyards are polyester lanyards, nylon, and dye sublimation which all have the capacity to give your business a decent exposure. Get to know more about ‘your online digital fabric printer‘ through the various online resources.

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These are very popular lanyards, especially because they offer great value and high quality, something that most companies consider first.


Durable and long-lasting nylon lanyards are perfect for carrying large items such as a key set, cellphone or water bottle.

Nylon print lanyards also make printing options available far wider with plenty of space for your name, contact information, logos and slogans to be included in the design, often many times.

Color Sublimation

Lanyards undergo a special process in which the design mold is transferred to the lanyard for a permanent and stylish finish. They have a large printing area for maximum exposure for your brand and are perfect for colorful graphics and images. The results will really look stunning and will attract customers.

Specially printed lanyards offer a simple way to market and advertise your brand in a relatively cost-effective way. Compared to other types of promotional products, such as pens, key chains or mouse pads, special lanyards are worn by people every day and are more often exposed.

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