Lord’s Prayer: Prayer for Development

Michael Todaro identifies three core principles of growth, specifically: life sustenance, self-esteem, and independence from servitude.

Life Sustenance connotes the ability to provide basic requirements. A basic role of all financial activity, therefore, is to provide as many people as possible with the means of beating the helplessness and misery arising from lack of food, shelter, health, and security.

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Self Esteem suggests being a individual having a sense of self-worth and self-respect, of not being used by others for their particular needs. All people and societies seek some simple form of self-esteem.

Call it from other title, authenticity, individuality, dignity, esteem, respect or honor, the essence stays the same. Its nature and form might differ from society, and from one culture to another.

Freedom from Servitude, on the other hand, means the ability to choose. This refers to the fundamental sense of freedom or emancipation from alienating conditions of existence.

It covers liberty from the social servitude of men to nature, ignorance, other guys, anguish, associations, and dogmatic beliefs.

Freedom also entails the expanded range of choices as well as their associates together with the minimization of external restriction from the pursuit of some of social objectives, which we call’development’.

In the above trilogy, I discovered that the model prayer taught by Jesus the Christ at Matthew 6:7-13 is essentially a prayer for development.

It has two components which summarize the commandments and reflect the model of connection. In a way, it speaks of the spirituality that Jesus taught – personal and societal, collective or communal spirituality.

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