Ingrown Hair-Laser Hair Treatment

Folliculitis, known as ingrown hair, can be a painful and burdensome condition. Now there are laser treatments for this ingrown hair, and yes this includes the pubic area.

While men tend to suffer from hair growing into beards, women have the biggest problem in the bikini area. Laser hair removal targets the root problem. You can also look for permanent hair removal in Miami at

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After completing several sessions to undergo the appointment procedure, you will begin to see a noticeable reduction in the amount of ingrown hair. This is done by the fact that laser treatment kills a problem at its source, hair roots including the follicles themselves.

Actually, the funny thing is that as the razor technology increases, they contribute to the problem of ingrown hair. We have all seen advertisements for the next big razor on the market. They all advertise the closest shaving.

Well to achieve this, the razor company designed a razor to take and lift the hair shaft from the follicle, then cut it by another knife. This allows the truncated stem to settle back just below the surface of the skin.

The hair shaft then has the opportunity to grow to the side of the follicle opening rather than straight. It’s time for us to form ingrown hairs. Pulsed light lasers can prevent this from happening. This kills the follicle so that it no longer produces hair at all.


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