Hepatitis C: Prevention is better than cure

Prevention has always been better than cure for all types of diseases!

Similar is the case with hepatitis C!

Rather than fighting the struggle cycle of bearing with the painful treatment, it is always recommended to stay vigilant against its causes and stay away from the probable activities that may lead to the disease.

Preventing HCV infection isn’t a one day job, it involves almost a limiting exposure to the virus since the very first instance.

As the HCV virus is only prone to blood borne transmission through infected blood exposure, the best way to prevent its spread is by avoiding any kind of needles sharing or blood contact with other people.

There are a number of places and situations that may lead to the infection. Thus, it is very necessary to keep a close eye on these factors and stay away from direct blood contact in these conditions. In addition to the prevention measures, once the disease is identified, one should first receive both the vaccines for hepatitis A and B and also start with the medication cycle to fix hep C along with making favourable lifestyle changes for promoting their optimum liver health.

Things to Regulate On

Conditions such as- obesity, diabetes, smoking and continued alcohol consumption may lead to an accelerated rate of liver scarring. Thus, it becomes highly important for all the infected folks to maintain good health conditions. 

This may involve keeping away from the below mentioned things:

  • Avoiding or quitting habits of smoking
  • Ideal weight management and avoid getting obese
  • Managing any condition of co-existing health problems
  • Abstaining and keeping away from alcohol consumption at all

Keeping a check of these worsening health conditions, one can bear with the disease of hepatitis C however, prevention still remains better than the cure.

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