Guide To Road Safety Audits

The demand for road safety audits has increased substantially since the 1990’s if the Design Standard HD 19/90 was incorporated into the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB).

What’s an RSA?

An RSA is an official procedure where the potential for injuries to occur along with the security of new highway approaches is assessed. Hire the best company to make audits for road protection.

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The systematic approach used to execute the RSA, derive from based security principles. The auditor’s function is to evaluate the planned scheme as an independent body, which has no understanding of this proposition and consequently no preconceived ideas.

This is essential since the goal of the auditor will be to make certain that the street will function as securely as possible, thus minimizing the possibility of future accidents to happen and if they do, to decrease their severity.

Obviously, we also refer frequently to more in-depth advice on carrying out road safety instructions. Such advice is contained in DMRB in HD 19/94″Road Safety Audit Standard” and Advice Note HA 42/94, that have been composed using the Trunk Road network in your mind.

What’s RSA Good Practice?

A fantastic practitioner will adhere to a code of good practice. In the first case, it’s very good practice for your road safety audit to be performed entirely independently of the street strategy programmer.

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