Guide To Raised Flooring System

Raised access floor act as a plenum for cool, conditioned air to distribute uniformly beneath the equipment center.

They reduce contact between the floor and the concrete foundation and allow conditioned air to be dispersed upward more effectively and accurately through carefully-spaced diffuser tiles and ducts. Cool air can also be harnessed from chilled pipes running beneath the floor.

‘Raised floors’ (Which is also known as ‘พื้นยก‘  in the Thai language)are built with a series of lightweight and interchangeable tiles, the design provides a tremendous amount of flexibility and adaptability.

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A few of the structures incorporate the elevation variance to be approximately 4 ft, which can be highly recommended and will accommodate to its heavy production companies.

They’re metal structures with columns to hold the foundation of concealed flooring, and you also have a great height which may be adjusted to almost any degree. They are ideal security guarded with complete support, alongside the appliances which are necessary for your little basement.

Raised access floors are modern, sleek, and clean-providing ample space for sub-floor power cabling-which is especially important for facility tours with important clients and customers. In other words, instead of a mass of tangled cords and power lines, your data center will look efficient and professional.

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