Farm Management Software – Providing the Competitive Edge in Beef Farming

Changes in consumer behaviour and demand toward meat products, along with dramatic shifts in the productivity and the marketplace pressures placed on the beef farming industry has necessitated a more innovative and cost effective approach to the industry.

Competition from the pork industry has created an increasingly competitive marketplace whereby producers of beef have to continually evaluate and improve their operations.

Furthermore, external pressures, such as increasing land value and rents, increasing feed costs, along with hydration and environmental issues are exerting ever mounting pressure on beef farmers to become more efficient in their operations.

Productivity with the beef dairying sector has been increasing for the past several decades, with a trend towards increased weight of beef carcasses creating substantial profit gains. Nowadays software for keeping a record of dairy farming is used to make the work easy.

Protrack Vantage

Enhancing levels of beef production has also been a major influential factor, with both being able to be achieved through advanced farm management and innovation, including genetics and feeding programs, improved farming principles and practices and the implementation of software technology.

The use of advanced farm management software enables the measurement and evaluation of inputs and farming practices, while measuring their effectiveness in terms of productivity, accountability and bottom line profit results.

Having accurate information available in a format that is easy to read and understand is essential for basing business decisions upon and evaluating the performance of the beef farm in response to specific inputs and investments. Long gone are the days where farmers can make business decisions based on recommendations or rule of thumb.

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