Brief Introduction About SEO Services

Search engine optimization is the way of making any particular website relevant and visible to user when it is searched on a particular search engine.

Some companies use digital marketing company for the marketing of their website so that it is visited by many users but each search engine has its particular algorithms to rank the websites. For example: – Google uses crawlers to rank any website.

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Search Engine Optimization uses basically of two techniques: –

  • On-page SEO: – In on-page SEO the code, structure and design of website is made relevant for user.
  • Off-page SEO: – Off-page SEO is done outside the website. It contains distributing relevant and important content about the products of any particular website. It is usually written in the form of blogs and this leads to increase in traffic for a particular website.

SEO are of three types: –

  • Black-Hat SEO: – Black-hat SEO makes website visible to user by going beyond the rules of website to increase the traffic. Usually hackers use black hat SEO. As they carry risks so they are banned from the websites.
  • White-Hat SEO: – White-hat SEO takes the website to the top by being in the rules and regulations of particular search engine. White-hat SEO strictly follows the rules and guidelines of the search engine.
  • Grey-Hat SEO: – Grey-hat SEO is the combination of both black-hat and white-hat and these are not specifically called out in Google’s guidelines.

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