Board shorts are now the fashion trend


Though board shorts are considered as men’s most favorite clothing as it serves them in number of places. From water sports to casual wear, they are demanded everywhere. Board shorts makes the person look smart and attractive, but the only thing is that person needs to purchase it as per his requirement. Board shorts do have some rules and one must follow them to look cool in them.

Never Wear Board Shorts With Elastic Waistband: Board shorts have drawstring waist band and if you have encountered with elastic waist band then you are with wrong pair. Elastic waist band in board shorts are never excepted and one lands up in looking awkward. Board shorts have especially designed in such a manner that they must give best looks and best comfort. Drawstring waist band assures best comfort and best fitting which helps in giving performance during water sports.

When Sun Goes Down Its Time To Change: Board shorts are for day time and if one is wearing them even if the sun has gone down then he will end up looking awkward. No one wants to stand near you if you are wearing the same wet board shorts since daytime. Board shorts are for casual looks and one must not wear it for whole day as they are not meant for night dinners and formal parties. Men’s grey board shorts do look bit formal but still they are not entertained for night parties.

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