All You Need to Know About Styling the Fireplace

Fireplace Styles

The fireplace styles are endless and range from traditional to modern. The style largely depends on the mounting option and the fuel used.

Traditional Fireplace Style

It is constructed by using wood and bricks. It creates a cozy and rustic atmosphere inside the house. Mostly traditional styles are wood-burning fireplaces.

Contemporary Fireplace Style

This type of fireplace uses bricks and wood and looks elegant in the homes with stylish d├ęcor. It is defined by sharp lines and universal appeal.

Modern Fireplace Style

It takes contemporary style fireplace on another level. It uses glass and marble for styling. It looks like an art piece and gives a futuristic appeal. If you are looking forward to buying an electric fireplace you can refer to – Buy Electric Fireplaces [Wall Mantel/Inserts] Category | Buy Electric Fireplaces.

The material used for designing the fireplaces are ledge stone, fieldstone, brick with wood, concrete, metal, marble, plaster. Some of them are explained below:

  • Ledge stone Fireplace: It is a material used for contemporary design.
  • Fieldstone Fireplace: Fieldstone is a natural looking stone and is used to make homely traditional style fireplace.
  • Brick with Wood Fireplace: It is combined with wood mantel and wood millwork used in contemporary design.
  • Concrete Fireplace: It gives an industrial atmosphere and looks great if paired with wood floors.
  • Metal Fireplace: It is a framework used around the fireplace.

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