All About Bar Services

Serving alcohol at a catered event takes some extra planning. It pays to take some time and sort out the details before your event.

Here are some points to consider before the big day arrives.

Is Your Catering Service Licensed to Serve Alcohol?

It’s an obvious question, but one that needs to be asked up front during the initial interview. You can also visit for the licensed bartender.

Many catering providers aren’t licensed, and if you would like them to manage the beverages for the occasion you might have a rude awakening as soon as you’ve hired them.


Request your caterer the number of bartenders they will provide. It’s useful to have a guest count for them. A fantastic guideline is 1 bartender for every 40-50 guests. The guest count will also aid the catering agency to determine the quantity of alcohol to deliver in addition to the quantity of ice.

What kind of bar?

There are lots of choices for setting up a pub for a catered event. Most choices will depend entirely on your own budget to your own affair. An open bar is a pub along with all the functions free of cost to the guests. The opposite of this is really a cash bar where guests need to cover all their beverages.

A third choice that many do not consider is that a limited open bar. The notion is that certain quantities of drinks are free, but in some time, there’s a charge.

It pays to take the time and pick up front what you want to perform in your event. A fantastic catering service ought to be able to accommodate you. In whatever choice you decide upon.

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