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Dog Grooming Supply Overview

Grooming isn’t only to pretty up your cherished pet, it’s also crucial for great dog hygiene. Grooming helps keep bad and parasites skin ailments away and permit you to spend quality time with your pet.

What’s more, it’s also an opportunity for you to test in your pet’s health by taking notice of some changes within your own eyes, nose, ears, skin, nails, and gums.

Some pet owners believe that simply because their pet’s hair is short or is shiny enough that he no longer has to be dressed. But dressing is an important thing in keeping your pet’s wellbeing. You can visit to know more about dog grooming.


Dog Grooming Source: Shampoos

Dogs have particular requirements and a fantastic pH balance has to be maintained to maintain their coat and skin healthy. Shampoos also help eliminate dander and dead hair also will continue to keep your pet smelling fresh for quite a while.

Dog Grooming Source: Brushes and Combs

Dogs with moderate to long hair may enjoy a whole lot of good dressing with combs and brushes. Regular brushing can help loosen and remove dead skin or dander, dirt, oil and dead hair. Brushing may also disperse natural skin oil within the hair, giving the coat a healthy glow.

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My Experiences With Pet Animal Hospitals

My name is Kendra, and I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I guess you could say I’m something of a pet lover. My pets are like my babies (click here to see some pics). I’ve never really run into any problems with my pets’ overall health, and so I had never given much thought to what I would do if I had to take my pets to an animal hospital. I mean, why would I if they were always healthy? But a few years ago I noticed that my dog Schnitzel was starting to act a little strange.

An English bulldog, Schnitzel was always a little slow when he trotted around, but this was different. He would hardly get up off of his cushion on the floor. Any time I tried to move him, I could tell it was painful for him. Finally, one night Schnitzel was moaning in pain and I knew I needed to act fast. The local veterinary clinic was closed for the night, so I looked up a 24-hour pet hospital. I rushed him to the hospital and they helped me right away. After a few hours and a few x-rays, they discovered that Schnitzel had swallowed one of Emerson’s (my cat) small toy balls. Schnitzel thought he could play with it too, but ended up swallowing it since it was so small.

The pet hospital gave me some medicine to help Schnitzel pass the ball through his system naturally. They said that even though it wouldn’t be comfortable, it was much better than having to operate on him. I started this blog to explain the ins and outs of animal hospitals and what you can expect from them. I am so grateful I was able to take my Schnitzel in when I needed to and that he got great care. He’s so much better today, and I definitely keep toys on the large side for all of my pets now. You can read about more of my experiences at